UNICEF CARDS: 10 Questions with Peter Wyse

Unicef Canada.ca Online…

Peter is a proud partner of UNICEF Canada, and we’re happy to have talked with him to get his perspectives on life, art and what UNICEF means to him. To purchase his cards for your business, click here. … [Read more]

UNICEF: Interview with Peter Wyse, Featured Artist…

Unicef Canada.ca Online…

Peter Wyse is a Sobey Art Award nominee from British Columbia. He’s also a featured artist on this year’s UNICEF holiday cards, sales of which go towards supporting our work to reach the most vulnerable children around the world and helping them survive and thrive. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better… [Read More]

Love Bounces Back by Brett Anningson

Arabella – Canadian Art…: Artist to Collect

Peter Wyse in the 2016 Spring issue of Arabella. “Doing your life a lot of people loved and nurtured you and I think your art reflects the love that has surrounded you since….” [Read more]

Artist Galore at The Art of Winter

PIQUE News Magazine

Adele Campbell shows dozens of works by 15 painters and sculptors. Abbotsford-based painter Peter Wyse likens what he does to “painting happiness.” His work is whimsical figures on ski hill or… [Read more]

Canada House goes to the bears Saturday

Rocky Mountain Outlook (PDF)

Jun 07/12 / Rob Alexander. And on Saturday (June 9) from 1–3 p.m., bears will inhabit Canada House Gallery in Banff for a two-week stay with the opening of Bears, featuring 30 paintings by five of the gallery’s artists – Joan Baron, Grant Leier, Neil Patterson, Les Thomas and Peter Wyse – to celebrate the arrival of spring and the emergence of bears from their winter dens… [Read more]

Pipe Dreams by Dave Bidini / The Art of the Game

SWERVE – Calgary Inside & Out, 2009 (PDF)

Me and Ozzie got into it bad, and now we can’t stop. Fantasy hockey. Just the name evokes damage. Sports fans spend enough time suspended in their dreams that any further illusory impulse can’t help but distort and already troubling relationship with the real world. … For true fans–the kind who are, as artist Peter Wyse puts it, “branded at birth”–the good ol’ hockey game is less about draft picks and scoresheets than it is about, for instance, anticipation a cup of hot cocoa after a game… [Read More]

Canucks a boon to business in hard times

CTV NEWS Video / St. John Alexander  (CTV Video)

The Vancouver Canucks can be an antidote to our economy’s financial woes … And painter Peter Wyse says he sells more Canucks paintings when the team is doing well. Video Clip: From CTV British Columbia’s St. John Alexander. Interview with Peter… [Read more]

For the Love of the Canadian Experience by Janice Ryan

Edmonton Journal, February 12, 2010 (PDF)

Colour is good for the soul. It has the power to lift the spirit, stimulate the mind and stir the heart. … For the Love of Art features Canadian artists … Peter Wyse. Each artist brings a distinct style and all capture the essence of Canada … [Read more]

Peter Wyse – Finding Magic in the Mundane by Ingrid C. King

West Coast Artist 2009 (PDF)

I have a love of whimsy. It’s an innocuous perspective that people seem to connect to,” says Peter Wyse when asked to describe his artistic style. His paintings are childlike in their deceptive simplicity, fundamentally Canadian in their theme and base on Wyse’s life experiences, form simple moments to challenging times… [Read more]

Peter Wyse – La magie du quotidien by Ingrid C. King


Je vise la fantaisie, dit Peter Wyse lorsqu’on lui demande de décrire son style, et il semble bien que les gens apprécient cette perspective insolite. Le style est naif, mais l’apparente simplicité de ses tableaux est trimpeuse : les thèmes y sont fondamentalement canadiens, tirés de sa propre vie, de son simple quotidien aussi bien que des épreuves qu’il a dû traverser… [Lire la suite]